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Medusa by ĐẠO LÊ TRỌNG

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A threshold moment in human evolution


#hey itunes instead of making all of us get the u2 album how about make a skip to nicki’s verse button  

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Toosenbo - Acane Madder | Unhappy Refrain 

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Drama CD skit with Ishimaru and Mondo, in other words, the full track to Mondo drools over food.”

((From what I can get, Monobear makes an announcement in the cafeteria about the food, To which Mondo and Ishimaru react angrily and were just about to step up to him, but eventually, changed their minds.))

I think this is part of the Drama CD where the cast set up a school/cultural festival…? Where mondo and ishmaru are in charge of the food stand..?

Buh, I couldn’t really follow all of what’s going on here, so if anyone can provide a translation, I’d be really grateful!  (*´∀`*)

here’s a basic translation gomen for inaccuracies:

((my comments will appear like this))

Monobear: Ding dong ding dong! ((he’s making it sound like a standard announcement you know the one with the weird ringing)) I just remembered, please supply the academy with 50% of the profit made from the selling of food.
Basically, we’ll be receiving royalties! If you’re just showing off your skill for no charge, you do not have to pay; therefore, if you’re super good at cooking, it’s free! Please show us your super high school level skills! Those of you who have questions, please report immediately to the headmaster’s office. However, I’m not guaranteed to be there! ((then why did u say that u lil shit)) Upupupupu!

((this next sentence is kind of irrelevant because it was a play on words and idk how to make a good english equivalent so i’m giving up but basically the word “tada” means both “free” and “however” so he’s just saying that the word did not mean the same thing in those instances))

Mondo: What the gently caress is up with that broadcast?

Ishimaru: if this was the doing of a student, as the hall monitor, I must reprimand them!! Let us go to the headmaster’s office!!

Mondo:  Hey, //grabs Ishimaru// if you’re going anywhere, it’s the broadcasting room, right? If you’re gonna get ‘em, get ‘em good for me! I don’t know who the gently caress it is, but they’ve got some nerve! ((there’s a swooshy sound i think mondo just punched a wall omg calm down this is a school cultural festival not jerry springer))

Ishimaru: I agree completely!!

Mondo: “50% of the sale of food”, those idiots! I’m making yakisoba! ((fried noodles)) Who the hell’s gonna decide if it’s good or not??

Ishimaru: So that’s what got you angry..

Mondo: And who’s going to pass judgment on me, the man called the legendary vendor! ((fun fact: i asked my mom about this part because i’m a dumb baby but in japanese matsuri festivals, most of the vendors are yakuza doing this stuff in their free time!!! but they’ll sell you cotton candy ain’t that cute aw)) there ain’t no way I’m gonna lose. I’m gonna show ‘em what I got!

Ishimaru: Yes that’s right, show them! And then make them comply!

Mondo: Yeah! But.. cotton candy might be good.

Ishimaru:  ((there’s another swooshy sound just lemme pretend ishmaru did a dramatic hair flip please)) what!?

Mondo: I said cotton candy! Y’know, that sweet, dream-like dessert! You’ve had it before, right? They always have ‘em at festivals. They like, get ya excited!

Ishimaru: I see, that might be appreciated by the ladies!

Mondo: Idiot! Don’t be stupid! I’m not saying that to try to impress girls…

Ishimaru:  Then why cotton candy?

Mondo: Because I like it, why else?? Yakisoba and cotton candy are both great! You got a problem??

Ishimaru:  Then how’s yakisoba candy? Or even cotton yakisoba? ((ishimaru shh babe lemme feed you some cotton yakisoba you goddamned five year old))

Mondo: Uh, somethin weird about your taste leaning towards yakisoba….

Ishimaru:  I’ve got it! Let’s quit food altogether!

Mondo: Well… Cotton yakisoba it is, then.

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